A distinction between fear and anxiety

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I have found it useful to make a distinction between fear and anxiety. I consider that an emotion is a conscious awareness of a change in my body chemistry. Our endocrine system (a number of hormone secreting glands) will change the balance of our ‘body chemistry’ according to our thoughts. We have a number of labels for feeling these changes; happiness, fear, love, anger, elation, sadness, joy, anxiety, etc.

If there is something that I believe to be a threat to my physical wellbeing my body will produce adrenaline, cortisol, etc. This is sometimes called the ‘freeze, flight or fight system’ and is a perfect response to a physical threat.

However, if I experience theses feelings and there is no threat to my physical wellbeing then, because there is nothing to run from or fight, it must be my body telling me that my thinking is not being helpful. There must be something wrong with my thought process if I am triggering a basic physical survival process when that is nothing physical with which to deal.

For me, this is a signal to let go of those thoughts and think of something else. I never make good decisions when I am anxious or have ‘insecure thinking’. So the sooner I notice any ‘toxic thinking’ the sooner I can let go of those thoughts. This is because when I have a clear mind the answer will probably come to me; and even if it doesn’t, due to my lightened mood, the problem won’t seem so bad anyway!

Happiness and contentment are only one thought away!

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