A plausible goal.

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My brother created this diagram (click on it for larger image) to help him make a decision and asked me where I would put base-jumping on the curve. This was my reply (long winded I know but I thought I should apply my process).


I like the idea of base-jumping but I stop myself from doing it. In my experience, anything that might stop me from achieving a desirable outcome will fall into the following nine areas:

1. Information:
– I don’t know anything about what is required to base-jump but I could find out.

2. Skill:
– I have proved I can jump off things so I just need to learn how to use parachutes

3. Belief:
– I believe that I could do it given the right training

4. Motivation:
– Much as I would like to base-jump it is not high on my list of things to do.
– It is not on my “WOW! List”

5. Well-being:
– I would have to lose weight increase my strength and flexibility so it could not be a short term goal.
– However, it would be a great side effect.

6. Fear:
– Anxiety, excitement: not fear.

7. Other people:
– I would have to convince the family that it would be a good thing. My youngest daughter said “No. You would kill yourself. Even if you were fit, you are 50 years old!”

8. Time:
– I could invest the time I need to prepare over 18 months

9. Money:
– The training would cost a bit and I have other commitments but it would be possible in the long run.

I notice that the idea of base-jumping seems even more appealing now I have given it some thought. There is no real downside (excluding possible death).

However, as a prospective goal I would like to establish if it would be ‘well-formed’ outcome.

1. What do you want (stated in the positive not what you don’t want)?
– To be able to enjoy the feeling of jumping off a mountain and stay healthy

2. Evidence: Feedback. How will I/we know when you get it? How will your life change?
– I would have jumped of something survived.
– Heard the congratulation from colleagues
– I would include what I have experienced and learnt in my seminars
– I would be physically fit

3. Specification: When, where, with whom?
– Summer 2015
– At location of my trainer
– Brother and trainer

4. Resources: Objects, people, role models, money
– Parachute
– Mountain
– Money for training fee
– Trainer
– Money
– Access to aeroplane

5. Control: Is it for you or for other people, can you get help, Does it rely solely on you?
– Me and the people I would need to pay

6. Ecology: Time and effort, who will be affected, what will you give up/ loose/gain? What will happen?
– Sizable chunk of time
– Worthwhile effort to get fit
– I will have more energy and enthusiasm

7. Identity: Is the outcome in keeping with you as a person?
– ‘Fat, drunk and stupid’ from my mid twenties? No. The secret agent fantasy of my pre-teens? YES

8. Fitting Outcomes together: Obstacles, How does this connect with your bigger goals?
– Finding the time, money and transport would be a challenge but achievable
– Fits perfectly with my fitness goals.

9. Action Plan: What is the first step? What should you delegate and to whom?
– Get on you tube and find out more.

When I was first asked this question, it was an impossible task and pointless conversation. However, with a little thought, it has become a plausible goal (that is not on my ‘to do’ list!).

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