Business Credibility Blueprint: 8-Step Programme

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Whether starting a business or refreshing an existing one, the 8-step ‘Business Credibility Blueprint’ coaching programme gives an immediate experience of business achievement.

Step 1. The product of confidence
This step is about understanding the three psychological principles that are the keys to personal performance, enabling a person to:
• identify their value
• uncover their innate confidence
• turn their idea, passion, and talent into a product.
Having confidence in a product is the foundation of a business that can create value for all involved.

Step 2. Why people pay
Building on a foundation of confidence, the next step is to detail the reasons why someone will invest their time with you. This section focuses on:
• a 6-step personal branding process
• an understanding of buying motives
Believing in yourself; as a brand, leads to the financial freedom to enjoy helping people, whilst maintaining an appropriate lifestyle.

Step 3. Your gift for marketing
Discover your unique ability to talk about the value you can offer to the people who can best benefit from your help. In these sessions you will:
• identify your most valuable prospects
• create a powerful ‘value proposition’
Everyone loves to hear stories told with an authentic enthusiasm. Building a business by helping people can be really rewarding.

Step 4. Building success
Testing and measuring is the key to improvement. This step is about:
• using a business modelling tool
• financing for success
Having sound business principles on your side will give you a head start over much of your competition.

Step 5. Presenting value
I was surprised to find out that marketing is not a dark art that I thought it was. It has a syntax that can be fun to use. In this section, you will learn how to:
• create a ‘value offer’
• have a prospect enrolment conversation
• structure a client attraction meeting
Avoid the nerves that many people feel when someone asks, “So what do you do?” Be concise with confidence.

Step 6. Multiplying value
Selling to 30 people individually would take 30 meetings. Public speaking to 30 people at the same time gives a massive economy of scale. Also, using online video enables a person to communicate a message, to thousands of potential customers, 24 hours a day. This step is about:
• presentation skills
• distance persuasion with video
Feeling comfortable with public speaking and video is an advantage that is available to anyone who is willing to learn how to use some simple templates and techniques.

Step 7. Automated marketing
It is possible to create a professional business image by utilising features that are often offered by suppliers who do not charge for their basic service. This session covers:
• online presence
• websites
• social media
• blogging
• list creation
• customer relationship management
• automated processes
It is great to know that a business can initially start from just an investment of time – with no capital outlay for IT infrastructure.

Step 8. Continuous and never-ending improvement
Use business cycles to create the lifestyle you want, with:
• a campaign driven business
• the product launch formula
• the ‘seed launch’
• time management
• project management
Matching your goals with financial freedom is a great way to create a life you love so you can love the life you live, whilst making a valuable contribution to you community.

To find out more about starting a business, or improving your ‘work life balance’ by increasing your productivity, please feel free to contact me on 07866 765 693 or

I look forward to talking with you.

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Reg091 May 2, 2017, 8:01 am

Hi Steve, I just read an interesting piece in the Huffington Post (link below) offering some solid advice about taking the first steps into consulting. But, I was struck that it doesn’t cover the skill set a person requires if they’re looking to start a consultancy business. And, of course, I thought of you!

As you know, I have been a big fan of your programmes for a while now and it struck me that what you offer dovetails perfectly with the advice in the Huff!

I’d say to anyone that believes they are ready to take the step into consulting, ask yourself if you think you actually have the skill set to make it succeed. Steve’s programme could make the difference between failure (because you just weren’t ready for it) and achieving everything you desire!

Keep up the good work!

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