How to deliver an effective marketing message.

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In this video, I show you how to deliver a marketing pitch that has clarity, credibility and relevance. The following seven-point marketing structure covers the key messages that need to be that communicated: 1. With whom do you work? Who is your target market? 2. What problem do they have? 3. Why are you credible? What makes you the expert? 4. What process do you use? 5. What are the results (that solve their problems)? 6. What success stories do you have? 7. Lastly, a call to action (booking a conversation, etc.) This structure enables you to create a marketing pitch that you will be able to deliver in a […]

How to network effectively

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I started networking about a year ago and I saw a formula in a networking brochure: Understanding + Trust = Referrals. Networking is about socialising and developing relationships. Once a person understands what you do, and trusts you, they are likely to help one of their ‘networking buddies’ (who needs your service) by giving them your name. The difficulty I had, to begin with, was that I did not have an ‘Audio Logo’. This is a sentences that gives people enough information to know ‘what you do’ and can be a starting point for a conversation. It contains the following four sections: I help [target market] who [challenge/problem they face] […]

Videophobia – is that a proper word?

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How does a person behave comfortably, be articulate and engaging, in front of a video camera? Just by being themselves. However, for many people this is not as easy as it might seem. Some research surveys show that many people rate a fear of public speaking above the fear of death. This fear is called Glossophobia. Many people experience an intense anxiety before, or simply at the thought of, having to talk in front of a group. They do everything they can to avoid events where they might be the centre of attention, because they feel physical distress and panic in such circumstances. The good news is that this can […]

How to get a job.

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Someone commented on my last blog (about how to generate sales leads). He said “You have this down to a fine art Steve, would you follow the same principle in finding a job?” This was my response..... When finding a job you are effectively marketing yourself, your time, your skills and expertise. However, you are still selling a solution to the potential employer’s problem. They have a skills gap in their company and, due to that gap, they are unable to provide the value to their customers that they require. So the person looking for a job must communicate, to the potential employer, that they can provide that value; that […]

Generating sales leads.

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This is my response to someone who recently asked how to generate sales leads: First I would not try to compete on price. Customers only want to know what is in it for them. You are not selling a product or service but the solution to someone’s problem. When writing an advert, or rehearsing an answer to the “What do you do?” question; follow the AIDA acronym: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. You first need to get their ‘attention’ with how your product will solve their problem. Then provide some more interesting information about how your product will solve their problem. Give them powerful reasons for buying your product, and […]

People buy from people like them…

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Researcher Robert Cialdini identified 'Six Weapons of Influence,' and detailed them in his book Influence, Science and Practice. One of these principles was ‘Liking’. He points out that people prefer to buy from people that they like. As a general rule we tend to like people who appear to have similar tastes, personality traits, background or lifestyle. This is most noticeable in teenagers who split up into ‘tribes’ according to the music they like, the sports they play or the hobbies they have. Some people might not care for my approach to creating success; “Not structured enough” or “Too structured”. However, others will believe that we are ‘kindred spirits’ and […]

A Fear of Visibility.

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A video is now, apparently, an integral part of a web site; in order to get people to give a site more than just a cursory glance. For me this is a worrying trend; because I believe that I have a great face for radio. A number of people have encouraged me to ‘do’ a video because, so they say, people have to realise that working with me to create success “is fun, entertaining and enlightening”. So, with magic in mind, I took some time out on Wednesday and started talking to a camera. The end result was not what I expected. I had seen Maria Andros (self named “Video […]

How do you get clients?

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I have given some more thought to what is important to actually getting clients. There are three things: Visibility, Creating Value and lack of insecurity. The value would be to do with your ‘Unique Selling Point’ and the lack insecurity enables you to be visible with ease. In my experience it was a fear of criticism that stopped me becoming visible. “I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” Herbert Bayard Swope (1882 - 1958) Clients come with visibility, and visibility may come with criticism. For someone to criticise they must have some […]