How to give presentations with confidence and power (Part 1).

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In this video, I show you how to give presentations with confidence and power. With a little planning, rehearsal and a structured approach, it is possible for anyone to deliver a professional presentation. Barack Obama, Robin Williams and Jonathan Ross all got their success by talking to every increasing groups of people. Being able to talk with ease in front of a group of people is a useful skill for creating success in business. There should be three sections to any presentation: • Introduction (I.N.T.R.O. Interest, Need, Title, Range, Objectives) -- tell them what you are going to say • Message (main body) -- tell them • Summary (including call […]

Videophobia – is that a proper word?

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How does a person behave comfortably, be articulate and engaging, in front of a video camera? Just by being themselves. However, for many people this is not as easy as it might seem. Some research surveys show that many people rate a fear of public speaking above the fear of death. This fear is called Glossophobia. Many people experience an intense anxiety before, or simply at the thought of, having to talk in front of a group. They do everything they can to avoid events where they might be the centre of attention, because they feel physical distress and panic in such circumstances. The good news is that this can […]

How to get a job.

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Someone commented on my last blog (about how to generate sales leads). He said “You have this down to a fine art Steve, would you follow the same principle in finding a job?” This was my response..... When finding a job you are effectively marketing yourself, your time, your skills and expertise. However, you are still selling a solution to the potential employer’s problem. They have a skills gap in their company and, due to that gap, they are unable to provide the value to their customers that they require. So the person looking for a job must communicate, to the potential employer, that they can provide that value; that […]

The Three Principles in Business

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These are some very impressive statistics. The greater my understanding of the Three Principles the more I am amazed: 80% reduction in project durations. Strategies formed in one fifth of the time. Statistically significant increases in staff and executives wellbeing. Measurable increase in company’s profits. Source: Reflections the Sol (the Society for Organizational Learning) Journey, 2004, Vol 5, Number 9

Lessons from Michael Vincent.

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I had a great evening yesterday attending a lecture entitled: The Craft of Magic - "A Transformational Conversation". It was presented by the world-class magician Michael Vincent. The philosophy behind Michael’s approach to his art can easily be transferred into any area of life. He has a mastery, based on a dedication to a craft he loves, and an ability to make a memorable connection with a person in just a few minutes. Doing what he loves, developing relationships with his clients and creating a successful life. In my opinion, three essential elements to any person in business. I have been excited by magic since seeing David Nixon on TV […]

A Fear of Visibility.

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A video is now, apparently, an integral part of a web site; in order to get people to give a site more than just a cursory glance. For me this is a worrying trend; because I believe that I have a great face for radio. A number of people have encouraged me to ‘do’ a video because, so they say, people have to realise that working with me to create success “is fun, entertaining and enlightening”. So, with magic in mind, I took some time out on Wednesday and started talking to a camera. The end result was not what I expected. I had seen Maria Andros (self named “Video […]