How to get a job.

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Someone commented on my last blog (about how to generate sales leads). He said “You have this down to a fine art Steve, would you follow the same principle in finding a job?” This was my response..... When finding a job you are effectively marketing yourself, your time, your skills and expertise. However, you are still selling a solution to the potential employer’s problem. They have a skills gap in their company and, due to that gap, they are unable to provide the value to their customers that they require. So the person looking for a job must communicate, to the potential employer, that they can provide that value; that […]

The Three Principles in Business

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These are some very impressive statistics. The greater my understanding of the Three Principles the more I am amazed: 80% reduction in project durations. Strategies formed in one fifth of the time. Statistically significant increases in staff and executives wellbeing. Measurable increase in company’s profits. Source: Reflections the Sol (the Society for Organizational Learning) Journey, 2004, Vol 5, Number 9

Lessons from Michael Vincent.

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I had a great evening yesterday attending a lecture entitled: The Craft of Magic - "A Transformational Conversation". It was presented by the world-class magician Michael Vincent. The philosophy behind Michael’s approach to his art can easily be transferred into any area of life. He has a mastery, based on a dedication to a craft he loves, and an ability to make a memorable connection with a person in just a few minutes. Doing what he loves, developing relationships with his clients and creating a successful life. In my opinion, three essential elements to any person in business. I have been excited by magic since seeing David Nixon on TV […]

A Fear of Visibility.

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A video is now, apparently, an integral part of a web site; in order to get people to give a site more than just a cursory glance. For me this is a worrying trend; because I believe that I have a great face for radio. A number of people have encouraged me to ‘do’ a video because, so they say, people have to realise that working with me to create success “is fun, entertaining and enlightening”. So, with magic in mind, I took some time out on Wednesday and started talking to a camera. The end result was not what I expected. I had seen Maria Andros (self named “Video […]