Progressive relaxation process (part two).

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In part one, I described the reasons behind the need for relaxation and a method that enables a person to ‘go quiet inside’. Once your mind is quiet and clear you can start to create an incredible relaxation of your body that will leave you refreshed and revitalised. Relaxation will come from an awareness of the tension your muscles. I remember that I once concentrated so much on relaxing my shoulders that I did not notice a massive tension in my buttocks as I tried to hold in my stomach! The best way to create an awareness of your body is to increase the movement and tension in the part […]

How can I increase the skills levels of my staff when my budget has been cut?

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Given the question, my question would be: What can be done to create a state of wellbeing in every employee? This is because people make better decisions when then they are stress free. Issues and problems always seem worse if a person is unhappy. People do not waste time fixating about problems, and how to address them, if they are happy. They just get on with it. Things are always easier when our environment is comfortable. The problem with believing that our wellbeing is dependent on external factors, is that we will always worry that we will feel bad again if the situation changes. When we were born we only […]

Committed action

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I have a formula that can be used to get someone into committed action. Done with honesty, an authentic sincerity, and emotional engagement, it can be used again and again. I would warn that using it insincerely and unethically, to manipulate, may work once or twice but will eventually back fire. 1. Share an occasion in which you were inauthentic. Explain the situation, the task, the activities and the end result. 2. Then share the personal and emotional impact of that inauthenticity 3. After that share with them a new, empowering, possible future (to make the possibility available such that they other person is touched, moved and inspired) There may […]