Essex NLP and the Three Principles of Innate Health – Meetup group.

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I have just started a Meetup group that is, effectively, a 'Mastermind Group' investigating principle based psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and trance states, to generate balance and success. The members learn how to create amazing possibilities for their future: • multiple income streams • powerful presentation skills • confidence • happiness • self-esteem and a serenity of spirit • decreased levels of stress • a desirable work–life balance • self-reliance • motivation • a secure belief in the ability to create success in every area of life. No knowledge is required - just a curiosity to learn. Gaining control over ‘State of Mind’ is the key to create an immediate […]


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I believe that our natural state is happy. The balance of endocrine system (hormones) is controlled by our mind - driven by our unconscious thoughts. Emotions, like happiness and fear, are names we give to our conscious awareness of the changes we feel. The feeling of adrenaline and cortisone; we call fear or excitement. The enjoyment created by neuro-transmitters such as and serotonin, dopamine and endorphins; we call happiness. Our experience of life is created from our minds, thoughts and consciousness. For instance, when we dream, we create a reality and then experience it. When we are awake, we create a reality using the same parts of our brain, the […]

A thought development experiment: What possibilities will you create in the next seven minutes?

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Hi, Steve here. I have something cool for you to try. What are two powerful questions that, when asked, increase your ability to create success - every time you use them? What are the questions that focus the minds’ of everyone involved and often initiate creative conversations? • “What do you want?” • “How will you know when you’ve got it?” The power lies in the thoughts, ideas and resulting conversations, the questions initiate. When used elegantly and with careful intent they encourage creativity, accountability and confidence. Here is a more focused rendition of the first question. I ask this at the beginning of a meeting: “If you could get […]

Presenting and coping with nerves.

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I recently did a presentation that did not go as I had anticipated. As soon as I started to speak, I began to feel slightly nervous. I would describe my experience as suddenly slipping into a poor quality of thought. I think that the actor George Jessel (1898–1981) described my situation very well: “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” My presentation was about the structure of presentations so; I was effectively, standing up to tell people how to do presentations. As I started to speak, I had a thought: I would not be able to […]

Videophobia – is that a proper word?

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How does a person behave comfortably, be articulate and engaging, in front of a video camera? Just by being themselves. However, for many people this is not as easy as it might seem. Some research surveys show that many people rate a fear of public speaking above the fear of death. This fear is called Glossophobia. Many people experience an intense anxiety before, or simply at the thought of, having to talk in front of a group. They do everything they can to avoid events where they might be the centre of attention, because they feel physical distress and panic in such circumstances. The good news is that this can […]

A reality paradigm and an understanding for insight (Part 3).

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Insight. If we can slow our thoughts down, and let go of our unhelpful thoughts (and these are usually thoughts about thoughts about thoughts) we can create an amazing connection with the moment, with a person, or a group of people. By approaching a situation with nothing in mind, not thinking about the past or about the future and letting go of meaning we might have, we can have a much better experience of ‘the moment’ that when we are thinking too much. Sports men and women will say that they are in ‘the zone’; psychologists refer to a ‘state of flow’, a spiritualist ‘being at one with the universe’. […]

A reality paradigm and an understanding for insight. (Part 2)

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Understanding. Someone once asked me what I mean by “the feelings you are getting are caused by your thinking”. I explained that when we experience a feeling it is our consciously awareness of feedback from our nervous system. This could be touching something with our fingers, feeling the heat of the sun on our face, or noticing a change in the balance of our endocrine system (body chemistry). For instance, ‘butterflies’ in our stomach, or our stomach ‘turning over’, as we notice a dangerous situation. The intensity of a feeling will vary according to where we focus our attention. We can notice the feeling of our clothes on our skin, […]

A reality paradigm and an understanding for insight (Part 1)

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Paradigm I use the word “Paradigm” as a description of a perceptual point of view. For example, if a person were to draw the digit three (3) on a square piece of paper, put it on the floor and have four people stand around it, one on each side, each one of them would have a different experience. Each person would describe what he or she saw differently to the others three. Therefore, there would be four different descriptions for what they saw: 1. a ‘3’, 2. an ‘m’, 3. a ‘w’ 4. and a badly drawn “E”. Therefore, the definition I am using of a Paradigm is; a set […]

Options for Dealing with Rude Behaviour

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If someone behaves in a way that might be described as rude, obnoxious or aggressive, I ask myself “What must they be thinking, in this moment, to behave in this way or to think that this behaviour is their best option?” I have an understanding based on three principles. We create our reality from the life energy of our mind, our ability to create thought and our consciousness of these thoughts - along with the feedback we experience from our bodies due to the associated changes in our body chemistry. Our wellbeing is innate. The only thing that can get in the way of a feeling of wellbeing is giving […]

A quote from Michael Neill that make so much sense…

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“Most people want to have more wonderful experiences of being alive. It is just so much easier than they think. And the kindness of the design is that when you slow down, when you put a higher priority on your state of mind, rather than on your achievement, it doesn’t limit your achievement it actual opens up even more of it..... Slow down and get present!” Michael Neill.