Essex NLP and the Three Principles of Innate Health – Meetup group.

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I have just started a Meetup group that is, effectively, a ‘Mastermind Group’ investigating principle based psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and trance states, to generate balance and success.

The members learn how to create amazing possibilities for their future:

• multiple income streams
• powerful presentation skills
• confidence
• happiness
• self-esteem and a serenity of spirit
• decreased levels of stress
• a desirable work–life balance
• self-reliance
• motivation
• a secure belief in the ability to create success in every area of life.

No knowledge is required – just a curiosity to learn.

Gaining control over ‘State of Mind’ is the key to create an immediate experience of success in all areas life:

– Work
– Wealth
– Relationships
– Health
– Development
– Recreation

Understanding the ‘building blocks’ of the human experience will give you access to your intrinsic wisdom, creativity and well-being.

Experience ongoing transformations: Nothing changes on the outside; everything is different on the inside.

The first meeting will be held on the 17th January in Fobbing, Essex.

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