Fortune favours the prepared.

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I made a mistake, before Christmas, that probably has cost me a consultancy. However, I’ve learnt something that means I will increase my income for the future.

Someone saw me performing magic, for some of my granddaughter’s friends, whilst I was chaperoning her in at a birthday party.

One of the mother’s asked “Do you offer training in magic?”

I replied with something very helpful, that I thought would be a good starting point for a sale (in very specific kind of presentation training) but I just might have well said “No”.

In hindsight, I should have said something like “Yes. I have a 2 session foundation training for £120. This includes establishing the type of magic you want to perform and repertoire of 7 tricks.”

I was completely unprepared for the question. However, I heard of phrase, recently, from an incredibly successful actor that really resonated with me.

I have been listening to Michael Caine reading from his autobiography ‘Blowing the bloody doors off’ as part of BBC radio 4’s ‘Book of the week’ (I was so impressed with his insights I bought the book).

I was fascinated by his description of his journey to becoming an actor.  He talked about how he had created his image, with the thick black glasses, and his reputation for being professional. He also attributed some of his success to ‘dumb luck’.

He went on to suggest that the saying “Luck favours the prepared” was very true.

This struck a chord with me. I have since discovered that the quote was originally, by Louis Pasteur, and was “Fortune favours the prepared mind.”

One of the difficulties a person experiences, when starting their own business, is how to effectively market themselves. I was so bad at this that I spent an entire year achieving nothing. Then, as I researched marketing methods for networking meetings, I found people were coming to me for presentation advice.  The two things that I found that people were lacking?

1. Confidence
2. Structure (marketing syntax)

Often times a person will feel nervous, anxious, and unprepared to talk about the value of the service they provide. Specifically, when being put on the spot with an unexpected question.

I use sleight of hand magic during some of my coaching sessions; especially when coaching in schools. In the 50 years that I have been performing magic the one question I get asked the most is “How do you do that?” This is often followed by “Could you teach me?”

Most of the people who ask this second question are not prepared to put in the practice required to create a magical performance. However, some are.

Why had I not given any thought how to answer this question, when I have created a course outline for professional magicians to increase their earnings?

It seems obvious to me now: Each time I get an idea for a product; the first thing I should do is create a brief marketing message and rehearse it a few times. In this way I can confidently explained the value of what I can provide.

What stops a person from being prepared?  Being too frightened to plan to be confident.

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