From anger to enthusiasm

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Someone recently asked about the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique called ‘Chaining Anchors’. I suggested that it is like having sign posts from one neuro-physiological state to an other. Anchoring is about associating a specific feeling, sight or sound with a specific emotional state.

For instance, if someone laughs I might put my hand on their shoulder. After doing this a few times, each time they laugh, I can cause them to experience a feeling of mirth just by touching their shoulder.

I use a clap of the hands as a trigger (to bring back) a feeling of motivation and enthusiasm.

After creating anchors for curiosity, relaxation, happiness and energised motivation you can chain the anchors together to move someone from anger and helplessness to happy enthusiasm.

It would be impractical to take an angry person directly to happiness but if you ‘fire’ the curiosity anchor while discussing what process they used to get angry you can move them to a state of curiosity. Then relaxation, then happiness, then energy, then motivation.

The further apart the unwanted emotional state and the wanted state the more intermediate states may be required.

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