Happiness is just one thought away.

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The great thing about ‘Three Principles’, or ‘Inside-out’ understanding of reality, is that there is nothing to learn and there are no techniques.

It is the only thing I have ever experienced that can cause someone to transform their experience of life just by hearing about it. You don’t have to do anything.

The premise is quite simple:
1. You are alive; you have come some kind of life energy. You have a mind.
2. You have the power of thought; to think things.
3. You are conscious of your thoughts and of the chemical changed in your body that these thoughts create (labelled: fear, anxiety, happiness, arousal, etc).

That is it really. Just an understanding. The world of form is out there; gravity exists even if I believe it or not. My experience of that form (my reality) is created by my thinking.

Without too much thinking a person can go from unhappy to happy is less than a second. Happiness is just one thought away. It is my job to assist a person to do that. Here is a great example….

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