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I believe that our natural state is happy. The balance of endocrine system (hormones) is controlled by our mind – driven by our unconscious thoughts. Emotions, like happiness and fear, are names we give to our conscious awareness of the changes we feel. The feeling of adrenaline and cortisone; we call fear or excitement. The enjoyment created by neuro-transmitters such as and serotonin, dopamine and endorphins; we call happiness.

Our experience of life is created from our minds, thoughts and consciousness. For instance, when we dream, we create a reality and then experience it. When we are awake, we create a reality using the same parts of our brain, the same hormones and the same neuro-transmitters. The only difference is; we have a live data feed – from the electro-chemical signals from our senses.

This means that our experience of life comes from our conscious, and unconscious, interpretation of these signals. Our interpretation is affected by our remembered experiences. Therefore, our experience is created by thought. We are always, and can only be, feeling our ‘thinking’.

Our innate happiness is often suppressed by ‘insecure thinking’. If a person feels frightened and there is no real danger, it must mean their thinking is inappropriate for the moment. Unfortunately, we can have thoughts, about thoughts, about thoughts; and make ourselves feel bad. It will not be the first, third or thirtieth thought but, probably, the three hundredth thought that would cause any pain and unhappiness.

Understanding the nature of thought, and being curious about the unknown, instead of worrying about it (or the past), gives us access to our innate happiness.

Happiness is only one thought away.

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