Background and Testimonials

Steve has been coaching for 18 years.  He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Leadership Trainer, Coach and Hypnotist.

He has been a Corporate Trainer and Project Management Systems consultant for 28 years. He specialised in leadership training, software training, system implementation, support, and project office procedures. He has helped to increase the efficiency of over 80 companies across Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

Steve has spent 33 years studying the mind and body as one entity.  He practices Tai Chi, Qigong, Alexander Technique and Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

Code of Ethics

If you want more from your life call Steve on 07866 765 69


Steve Green

“I approached Steve because I felt a considerable degree of stress when being asked to speak in public (and when marketing my company at business networking meetings). Steve has helped me understand my business model and clarify my marketing message. His use of psychology and business process training has helped me immensely.

What truly surprised me is how quickly my confidence and business has grown. I am achieving so much more in all areas of life, in a way that seems quite natural.

I really enjoy my sessions with Steve; we have become friends, and I have asked him to extend our coaching relationship. If you know anyone who would like to excel in business, or is experiencing stress in any of their life then please do contact Steve Dickinson as I highly recommend him.”

Steve Green.  Founding Partner of Steven Green Financial Planning

Matt Carey

“Steve always has an interesting approach to solving any challenges you have. I recently asked him to help me with a specific problem and he began to give me general answer about approaching problems and the way we create thought. Initially, I thought ‘well this is really interesting but it isn’t solving my problem…’ then as the session continued, it all became very clear! By tackling the way I was thinking, I gained a very clear insight, not just about the problem, but about other things as well. I highly recommend you give Steve your time, as you will be left richer and clearer on many, many things.”

Matt Carey.  Recreative Tech

Dennis Brockhurst

“Having worked with Steve on a number of occasions I can fully recommend him for presentation training. He has a clear ability to make your presentation better and the patience to not make you feel guilty about the time it takes.”

Dennis Brockhurst.  Corporate Photographer

Anthea Morphitis

“Steve is detailed in his coaching. He is on point and follows his strategy to a T. He is very easy to speak with and knows exactly how to turn your business idea into reality. He thinks and speaks his ideas there and then and completely thinks out of the box. He has a very easy and comfortable energy that he emanates which, for me, is very important when speaking about your business idea. I walked away with a clear understanding, am more confident of how to move forward and, most importantly, with an enhanced belief about my own coaching and speaking career. I will be recommending Steve and really appreciate his knowledge and understanding.”

Anthea Morphitis.  Author of ‘Feel Good and Watch What Happens!’

OckendonStudioSchool Motivational talk.

“A big thank you to Steve Dickinson for coming in to our Studio school today and giving a wonderful motivational talk!” Ockendon Studio School.

Tunde Oluwaleimu

“I worked with Steve on refining my business proposition for a product and service. I found him professional and detailed in his knowledge of business drivers. His approach to articulating an idea is systematic, yet simple and easy to implement. I was able to condense my business proposition into a one minute pitch that covers client requirements.”

Tunde Oluwaleimu.  Founder at No Abuse Project

Richard Pond

“Steve worked with me earlier on in the year with my presentations skills on a 1-2-1 basis and we covered mind maps and structure. I would advise seeking professional help if you have any problems talking to large numbers of people and I would certainly recommend Steve for this task. Top qualities: Great results. Expert. Good Value.”

Richard Pond.  Director of Business Connected Ltd
Regional Ambassador of Business Biscotti

Barry Haeger

“Steve is a great guy and as a fellow coach I can appreciate the skills he has to be creative in many situations. Coaches can always learn from other coaches as we each have our niche. Steve took me through the Pyramid Branding Pitch exercise so comprehensively I was able to reapply this process in a completely different situation to great effect in corporate interview a few days later. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative”

Barry Haeger.  Managing Director, Zest Executive Coaching

Ian Lockhart

“Working with Steve Dickinson proved invaluable in learning the fundamentals to promote our company either face to face or as a short presentation. Steve takes the time to understand your business and teaches how to use mind maps to remember key points. I would thoroughly recommend Steve’s service to anybody that wants to learn to present themselves or their company successfully. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

Ian Lockhart.  Director at CA IT Solutions

Jo Shaer

“I spent an hour with Steve a few months ago.  His calm clear approach helped me to clarify the changes I needed to make to my business presentation so that people understand what I do and the real value of the service that I provide.  Highly recommended”

Jo Shaer.  Lollipop Local – Local SEO Services
and Social Media Optimisation

Gary E.

“It is rare to come across someone with such a natural talent for understanding and interpreting your business style, let alone being able to teach you the basics to present and progress your sales process. With our first meeting, Steve provided me with an insight to my business selling style that was invaluable and truly inspiring. This man’s skills would be an asset to any company. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”

Gary E.  Sales Director

Gary Gould

“Steve helped me understand how to cope with a life challenge. He provided an ear to listen and techniques to use in order to move forward. I would recommend him. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”

Gary Gould.  Gary Gould Business Consultancy Ltd

Janis Ericson

“I’ve had the good fortune to witness Steve’s ability to guide his clients to success and balance in all areas of their life. Using NLP and hypnosis to resolve negative thinking patterns, Steve gracefully identifies and removes obstacles to success. His understanding of the mind/body system is a great advantage to his coaching clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Steve, I strongly encourage you to take it.”

Janis Ericson.  Director, Lightwork Seminars, Intl.


“I think Steve is brilliant.  He is a real inspiration.   In just two hours, he guided me through my own thoughts so that I was able to create a sixty second marketing presentation.  There were so many aspects that I wanted to cover that I used to run out of time before I started. I would feel frustrated and upset.  The way Steve helped me structure my presentation has enabled me to present a slightly different message each time I talk while keeping it to the sixty-seconds required by the events I attend.  This is exactly what I wanted and exactly what Steve said I could achieve.”

Diana R.  Employer Engagement Officer for Government Funded College

Damon Doyle

“Steve is an individual who is not only highly capable and more than willing to “get the job” done, but also an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing seems too much trouble for Steve as evidenced by client feedback…… A very capable individual, strong work ethic, superlative attitude and a real pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve.”

Damon Doyle.  Senior Account Manager
Thales Information Systems Ltd

Rob Johnson

“Steve’s easy and open communication style meant that he was able to impart information and train in a non threatening way, which proved very popular and effective with the client base. I have no doubt that those skills have been easily transferred to his new career and that his clients will benefit significantly from his involvement.”

Rob Johnson.  Chairman,
Innate Management Systems

Sean Beaney

“Steve was a concise and organised team player using his character and skill set to motivate and train during a period of transition. He was professional and showed great prowess in his training ability.”

Sean Beaney.  IT Project Manager,
Ford Motor Company