How to deliver an effective marketing message.

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In this video, I show you how to deliver a marketing pitch that has clarity, credibility and relevance. The following seven-point marketing structure covers the key messages that need to be that communicated:

1. With whom do you work? Who is your target market?
2. What problem do they have?
3. Why are you credible? What makes you the expert?
4. What process do you use?
5. What are the results (that solve their problems)?
6. What success stories do you have?
7. Lastly, a call to action (booking a conversation, etc.)

This structure enables you to create a marketing pitch that you will be able to deliver in a number of ways:
• A one minute ‘elevator’ pitch (yes, you can cover all seven in one minute!)
• A formal marketing presentation
• An impromptu conversation

The important thing is to cover each point, and the order does not really matter (as long as you discuss their problem before you explain how you can solve their problem).

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