Is it for me?

Everyone can benefit from coaching. Even coaches have coaches.

Because the human brain is designed to:
– notice patterns
– help you avoid danger
– seek out pleasure.

It does this:

– by giving you feelings of fear in situations that, consciously or unconsciously, remind you of frightening experiences in the past. In this way you avoid dangerous situations; because no one likes the feeling of fear.

– by giving you specific, and not always controllable, urges that your unconscious mind believes are necessary.

You can use a systematic approach to resolve unwanted negativity, develop your career, increase your companies productivity, achieve in all areas of you life, and create a compelling, balanced, future.

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Steve answers some questions:

“Surely it’s all just common sense isn’t it? Why should I pay someone to show me something I already know?”

It would be a waste of both our time and your money for me to show you something you already know. Neither of us would experience the fulfillment of achievement.

However, during the coaching project you will use a new understanding of the way your brain processes information; so you can control your energy levels, your emotions and feelings.

You will gain the ability to do this on a moment by moment basis because it is commons sense to choose what is best for your success in all areas of your life.

“I see lots of websites promising they can make me a better this, or improve that; surely you guys are all the same?”

Only you have the power to decide what is better, or what you wish to improve. There are 5 areas of coaching:

1. Clarify Direction: Decide what you want
2. Statergise you action: Plan your success
3. Upgrade your skills
4. Optimise your environment
5. Master your psychology

My unique approach comes from:

  • 14 years of coaching  with a background of principle based psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Hypnosis
  • 24 years of experience delivering corporate training for Project Management Software, Presentations and Lecturing skills. I have increased the efficiency of over 80 companies across Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Asia.
  • During the duration of the project we will work together to provide tangible results for whatever goals you wish to work on.
  • Working together you will provide yourself with choices that you did not know were available to you.

“Can you give me some examples of people you have helped, and how?”

With my systematic approach I have helped people get over phobias (flying and public speaking), stop smoking, get on with their family, overcome shopping urges, resolve behavioral conflicts and remove the fear of going to work.  On one occasion a 15 minute conversation with me resulted in a new business strategy that created a second income within three weeks.  Most important is to support people as they establish a direction start achieving success in their life because inaction and small change is easy. Sudden success can be frightening.

As well as using proven processes to get you to your goals faster and more easily, you will effectively create an operating manual for your own brain.

You process information in a way that is unique to you. Understanding this, and how other people process information, gives you a massive advantage when communicating with them and in motivating yourself to succeed.

See my Testimonials page for more information.

“I really don’t think this is for me; I think I am happy the way I am.”

People talk about their “comfort zone” as if it is something that can not change. A person is comfortable with what is familiar.

Many people are happy with their life but have some areas of difficulty that they can do without.

They may have given up on their life’s desire and live with some regret, or just have one thing that is not working for them.

Due to the varying experience we have each day we change with time. I work with people who want to control and own that change.

If you truly experience happiness and contentment in all areas of you life and you do not have any unrealised goals you may just want to take a free consultation. This would be a risk free way to establish if you want to work with towards something new or something that you would love but do not believe that it is possible to achieve.

“This probably costs a lot of money; can you tell me how this is going to “pay off” and increase my earning power, or get me a pay rise?”

What do Chris Evans, Billy Connelly, Jonathan Ross and Bill Clinton all have in common?

They found success by talking with confidence to ever increasing groups of people.

You may not want to use them as role models. However, during the coaching process, you will notice yourself successfully achieving your goals and influencing the people around you to achieve more for themselves.

You will be worth more and achieve more than you ever thought possible. A generally accepted statistic is the coaching six-fold return on investment.

Also, to increase your productivity by up to 15 to 20 % you may wish to work with me on a Personal Performance multi-sensory coaching process. What would you do with an extra month a year?

If you want more from your life call Steve on 07866 765 695