Marketing training

Many business owners are good at what they do, but think that writing ‘marketing copy’ is a black art.  However, you already have all you need to create a concise marketing pitch, but only if you know the right questions to ask yourself.

I am Steve Dickinson, author of “Presenting Multiple Incomes”.  I started a business, six years ago, and at the time, was very bad at explaining the value of my service.

Over the last four years, I have developed a process that enables a person to give a 7-point marketing message in just one minute.

The question “What do you do?” used to be a trigger for me to have a sudden moment of confusion.  However, with just a few months research, I went from stuttering over my words, to gaining clients in a single conversation.

How?  I stopped telling people what I do!

Instead, I show that I understand their problems better than they do themselves; by helping them understand the implications of their problems.

I often hear people at networking meetings going into detailed explanations of all the features and options available with their product or service.  However, they do not explain the problem that they solve, so no one really understands the value of their service.

They lose the opportunity to sell their service.  Not only that, but they also miss the possibility of any referrals to potential clients.

In this eight-module training, you get explanatory videos, and a workbook, that will enable you to:

  • Impact and help more people and become very well rewarded for doing so
  • Communicate your message successfully
  • Increasing your income, while still having plenty of time off to do what you love
  • Take your unique talents, and present them effectively
  • Increase the number of people that you can help
  • Present your products, or services, to larger and larger audiences
  • Talk as if you have no notes, while having comprehensive notes right in front of you

For a corporation, the cost of establishing a brand image, and marketing message, could cost tens of thousands of pounds.  While a person going to a marketing agency may not get any change out of £1000.

However, learning how to create your own personal ‘brand’, and developing your own marketing pitch, means that you do not have to spend money each time your product or service changes.

For the launch of this on-line training, this opportunity is at the introductory price of just £27.

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Bonus:  I am also going to give you access to a video, written instruction and a template that will enable you to do a full-blown presentation of your business or a presentation on any subject you want.

I guarantee that the process detailed, in this on-line training, will enable you to create an engaging marketing message (In the unlikely event that you do not get the results you want, contact me and I will work with you until you do!).

Bonus 2: In addition, you get access to four training videos that will give you the ability to get over any nervous feeling you have about public speaking.  They will also give you an insight into the thought processes of your potential clients.

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