Ongoing coaching, session based coaching programmes and topic specific, single sessions, are available. Pick and mix from the following areas to create a programme designed to get you what you want in life:

  • Develop your perfect marketing pitch
  • Regaining access to your confidence and wisdom
  • Effortless public speaking: The four essentials
  • Effortless public speaking: The full story – extended/multiple sessions
  • Customer service: A good experience every time
  • Web site videos: The seven prerequisites
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Sell yourself first – understanding body language
  • Dealing with upsets, mistakes and criticism
  • Powerful interviews and the magic of metaphor
  • Concepts and techniques of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – multiple sessions
  • Ethical influence
  • Business planning, project and time management
  • How to create information products

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Develop your perfect marketing pitch.
In just one session, you will learn how to:

  • Establish a personal ‘brand’ image (even as part of a team or organisation)
  • Learn the four key aspects of a concise marketing pitch
  • Create a seven-point marketing message that you can deliver in just one minute
  • Easily memorise what you need to say
  • Communicate your message with confidence and power
  • Develop the ability to get your point across, in a conversational manner
  • Talk directly to your ‘niche market’ while still engaging other people.

Being able to deliver a message with clarity and confidence enables a person to enjoy the process of creating clients. The most successful people are able to interest, excite and inspire their audiences. These principles and techniques are easy to learn and will last you a lifetime.

Regaining your access to confidence and wisdom
A group training session held over and entire day. This training programme is for a person who is not enjoying all aspects of their life. He or she might have some difficulty in coping with other people’s behaviour. They might, also, regret some of their own behaviour – because of the negative impact it has had on their life and on the lives of the people around them. During the sessions the following topics, and definitions, will be discussed in interactive sessions:

  • The relationship between understanding, insight and change
  • Listening
  • Coaching
  • Principles
  • Possibility
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility and response-ability
  • Paradigms (perspectives)
  • Disappointment
  • How to deal with mistakes
  • How to get over upsets

By the end of the training programme, you will be able to quote the three principles from which a person’s understanding of life is created. This understanding will give you insights into emotional conflict, behaviour and the creative steps that will allow you to enjoy your life to its fullest.

Effortless public speaking
You will be able to develop a structured speech for a formal presentation, or for an impromptu explanation of a subject. You will be able to create:

  • A five-point introduction that gets peoples’ attention
  • A message that is both engaging and memorable
  • A powerful summary that will ‘lock in’ your message
  • Sentences based on the language patterns, and tonality, used by top politicians, hypnotists and advertisers.

What happens when you imagine enjoying a feeling of comfort and confidence whilst being the centre of attention?

Customer service: A good experience every time
The way we communicate, think and behaviour will affect the perception of our customers. The decision to buy your product or service will be easier if a customer has a good experience when talking to you or your team.  Make a good impression:

  • With a professional telephone salutation
  • Establish credibility and reliability
  • Keep conversations on track
  • Build rapport with the customer
  • Present the company in a positive manner

Good customer service enables you to stand far above the competition; by exceed your customer expectations. It encourages repeat business and increase business through word of mouth recommendations.

Web site videos: The seven prerequisites
A video is a great way to promote your web site – because Google owns YouTube! Drive traffic to your web site and stop people from ‘clicking away’.  You can provide everything you need to do a professional video – even on a budget:

  • How to frame yourself to show that you can be trusted
  • A ten-point script that you can deliver in less than two and a half minutes
  • Use voice tonality to develop rapport and emphasise your message
  • Angle you head in just the right way to create and air of authority
  • Learn the essential tips about lighting and production
  • How to use gestures and language to create understanding
  • The eight essentials to on-line marketing and the seven mistakes to avoid

Join the ranks of successful video marketers and enjoy watching your list of potential clients grow. Everyone knows it is easier to sell to people who are already interested in what is on offer.

Goal setting and achievement
You will learn how to work backwards! “The best way to predict the future is to create it” (Peter Drucker).

  • Establish what you really want from your life: a really authentic and genuine desire and identify how you want to feel in the future
  • Establish your current reality; being totally honest with yourself
  • Identify the creative process you will need to get what you want; better, faster or, more probably, both.
  • Examine your goals from nine different perspectives to ensure that they are worthwhile and possible to reach
  • Avoid the nine possible obstacles that stop so many other people in their tracks.

Enjoy the feelings of excitement and fulfilment that you get from an immediate experience of achievement.

Sell yourself first – understanding body language
How to develop rapport and create meaningful relationships. You can learn how to:

  • Use your eyes and body language to make people feel comfortable and enjoy your company
  • Notice how a person is thinking and alter your approach accordingly
  • Use language in a way that makes people seek your advice
  • Learn to recognise the key indicators that give away a person’s emotional state
  • Gain a unique understanding of their stress level during any circumstance

You will quickly be able to create a feeling of connection and see people’s eyes ‘light up’ while they talk to you.  Many people find it comforting to have an additional insight into the workings of other people’s minds. This information can help provide better relationships and improved communications.

Dealing with upsets, mistakes and criticism
Most people do not enjoy the feeling they get if they make a mistake, or if someone criticises them.  There are some simple techniques that you can use to turn the situation to your advantage.

  • Learn a four-step process for creating power from your own ‘mistakes’
  • Learn to deal with criticism by re-focusing people’s attention
  • Learn to understand how disappointment and upsets are created and how to eliminate anxiousness

Comfort and confidence are based on having a compelling and stress free future.  Knowing that you can deal with anything that comes your way will enable you to have an ongoing sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Powerful interviews and the magic of metaphor
Create real life examples and stories in a way that makes people want to employ you, buy your product or pay for your services. You will enjoy a feeling of confidence and relaxation whilst easily answering questions that might frighten other people.

Learn simple techniques to bypass a person’s ‘inner critic’ and communicate directly with their unconscious mind.  You will be able to create stories and metaphors to emphasise a principal and get agreement without argument. Watch the look of realisation on the faces of people as they decide that they agree with you.

Concepts and techniques of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
NLP is used in therapy, business, marketing, sales, leadership, coaching, and communication, to mention a few. It also helps people have an immediate experience of success, increased levels of wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness.

By noticing the words people use and how they behave, you can decide on the most appropriate way to communicate – to the benefit of everyone involved.  Imagine how effective you can be, and how much fun you can have, if you can program your own mind and the minds of the people around you.

Ethical influence
Marketers and hypnotists use the same approach. Their strategies and techniques are not secret but are not that well known by the small business community – or the ‘general’ public:

  • The seven points of successful and effective delegation
  • Four step process to encouraging people into committed action
  • Six scientifically proven tactics to influence people
  • Fourteen different ways to challenge a belief that is not helping (with a one page aide memoir/crib sheet)

Having people naturally help you is an indicator of a great relationship. Enjoy good relationships with customers, clients, family and friends.

Business planning, project, delegation and time management
With a simple understanding of some basic principles, work need not seem like work.

  • Understand the relationships between the nine key businesses elements
  • Create a nine part business plan to secure funding – and for ongoing planning
  • Use Critical Path Analysis (CPA) to focus on important takes
  • Create a Work Breakdown structure (WBS) to divide your work into phases
  • Use Programme Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) charts to increase productivity
  • Use the three methods of prioritising activities

Have you ever put off addressing an aspect of your business, or your life, because you did not want to spend the time and effort to understand it fully? Me too. However, I found the information I needed to make things simple. It feels so much better to know that everything is under control.

How to create information products
An information product can be a great marketing tool, or a way to create an additional revenue stream. Learn a nine-step process to develop one or more of the following ‘information products’ based on your existing expertise.

  • Book, e-book, article or blog
  • Audio recordings (MP3 download or CD)
  • DVD or Web video
  • Template to help people create something
  • A speech
  • Live event
  • On-line training
  • Mastermind group
  • Webinar
  • Coaching/Consultancy programme
  • Tele-seminar

Be seen as a key person of influence within your industry with free ‘front end giveaways’ or prestigious saleable products.

Reality Management transformational programmes
The ‘Reality Management’ coaching programmes, of three or six months, are tailored to the personal requirements of each client.  They are based around the following effortless process:

  • Establishing a genuine authentic desire
  • Honestly detailing the current reality
  • Establishing the first steps in the creative process
  • Having an immediate experience of achievement
  • Creating inner success and happiness (pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and contentment) on an ongoing basis while creating the life you want to live.

The end result is a freedom that creates clarity of mind, a deeper level of thought and a greater sense of wellbeing. Nothing need be different on the outside but everything will feels different on the inside.

Free, one hour, introductory sessions are offered (subject to availability).

Full access, multi-area, coaching: New life
Personal coaching for success, well-being and balance in all areas of life. This programme is not for everyone because it is time consuming, involves considerable change and requires a high level of commitment. Duration: 12 months.

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