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The eight attributes of success.

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I have noticed that many people who are successful in life seem to be good at public speaking. This is no coincidence really, because the attributes of a good speaker are the same attributes needed for a successful business. The eight attributes of success. Numerous business owners have a useful skill – a valuable skill – that can help a lot of people. They are passionate about communicating the knowledge they have, and love what they do. However, they have a one major difficulty: Not enough potential customers. And to overcome this difficulty, some presentation skills are essential. Marketing yourself, and your ideas, is a key function in any business. […]

How to network effectively

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I started networking about a year ago and I saw a formula in a networking brochure: Understanding + Trust = Referrals. Networking is about socialising and developing relationships. Once a person understands what you do, and trusts you, they are likely to help one of their ‘networking buddies’ (who needs your service) by giving them your name. The difficulty I had, to begin with, was that I did not have an ‘Audio Logo’. This is a sentences that gives people enough information to know ‘what you do’ and can be a starting point for a conversation. It contains the following four sections: I help [target market] who [challenge/problem they face] […]