A thought development experiment: What possibilities will you create in the next seven minutes?

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Hi, Steve here. I have something cool for you to try. What are two powerful questions that, when asked, increase your ability to create success - every time you use them? What are the questions that focus the minds’ of everyone involved and often initiate creative conversations? • “What do you want?” • “How will you know when you’ve got it?” The power lies in the thoughts, ideas and resulting conversations, the questions initiate. When used elegantly and with careful intent they encourage creativity, accountability and confidence. Here is a more focused rendition of the first question. I ask this at the beginning of a meeting: “If you could get […]

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. – Harry Houdini

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I loved magic when I was seven years old. The things I saw, the magician David Nixon do, on TV in the late sixties, captured my attention and imagination at an emotional level. Also, the character Bill Bixby played in the 70’s TV show “The Magician” was a real hero to me; A compassionate and wealthy magician, who uses his talents as an illusionist, and escape artist, to help people in trouble (the ‘A Team’ without the guns!). I loved the technical process of a ‘trick’ and the way I could gain adulation from performing it. In my late teens, and early twenties, some of the most fun I had […]