Steve Vai

How to be Successful

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I have recently seen one of my favourite musicians, Steve Vai, on YouTube with a video entitled "How to be Successful". During the video, he explains how creating success is really about your 'thinking', and about creating a 'vivid mental representation' of your authentic genuine desire. Whatever you think of his music, his mastery of the guitar is obvious. His talk is focused at playing the guitar, but the underlying principles can be applied to any creative process. Heavy rock jazz might not be ‘your thing’ but even my mother could appreciate the musicianship (on the inserts he seems to be miming to a live recording he did in Argentina). […]

People buy from people like them…

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Researcher Robert Cialdini identified 'Six Weapons of Influence,' and detailed them in his book Influence, Science and Practice. One of these principles was ‘Liking’. He points out that people prefer to buy from people that they like. As a general rule we tend to like people who appear to have similar tastes, personality traits, background or lifestyle. This is most noticeable in teenagers who split up into ‘tribes’ according to the music they like, the sports they play or the hobbies they have. Some people might not care for my approach to creating success; “Not structured enough” or “Too structured”. However, others will believe that we are ‘kindred spirits’ and […]