Can a person get a thought virus? If we can, what ‘error message’ do we get?

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A virus is an infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of an organism. A virus will attach its self to a cell, strip off its protein coating, burrow down to the cell’s nucleus, and reprogram the cell at a genetic level. The cell then goes on to divide into two, and so the virus spreads. So, the ‘error messages’ associated with a virus are the uncomfortable feelings of soreness, discomfort and a high temperature as your body fights the infection. In computer terms, to me, this would be like a virus in a computer’s operating system. Something that would make it vulnerable and interrupt the efficient […]

Postponed happiness

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“I’ll be happy when I... get this project over/ get a new job/ clear my loan/ get to the weekend.” is like saying “I won’t be happy until...”. Who would you like to hang around with? Is it better to be with happy, relaxed stress-free people, or people with ‘postponed happiness’ who seem to be in a constant state of stress while they work towards a stress-free future? Happiness does not come from success. Success comes from happiness. Too many people take the past, project it into the future, and live in the present as if the future is fixed. What would the world be like if we could all […]

You don’t need to get confidence…

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... because you have it already. I am interested in the fact that we had no problem with self-belief when we were babies. We had the confidence to be self-expressed whenever we wanted (at the top of our lungs if we thought it was necessary). The difficulty many people experience is that their own thinking suppresses their inherent well-being. You can hold a beach ball underwater with a little effort but as soon as you let it go, it will pop straight up to the surface. Something happens when a person realises the amount of energy they are wasting suppressing their innate creativity with their own insecure thinking. When they […]

A plausible goal.

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My brother created this diagram (click on it for larger image) to help him make a decision and asked me where I would put base-jumping on the curve. This was my reply (long winded I know but I thought I should apply my process). I like the idea of base-jumping but I stop myself from doing it. In my experience, anything that might stop me from achieving a desirable outcome will fall into the following nine areas: 1. Information: - I don’t know anything about what is required to base-jump but I could find out. 2. Skill: - I have proved I can jump off things so I just need […]

How does 15% equal 131%? Six areas to increased profit.

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There are six areas in a business in which you can make changes and increase your profit. I have listed the areas below, along with some examples of the changes that could be made: 1. Increase the number of people who receive your message - By adding a video (or improving the existing one) on your web site - By carefully choosing the words in the titles of your marketing emails 2. Increase the number of people who take action on your message (your ‘leads’) - By giving immediate value and a compelling call to action 3. Increase your conversion rate (the number of enquires converted into customers) - By […]


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I believe that our natural state is happy. The balance of endocrine system (hormones) is controlled by our mind - driven by our unconscious thoughts. Emotions, like happiness and fear, are names we give to our conscious awareness of the changes we feel. The feeling of adrenaline and cortisone; we call fear or excitement. The enjoyment created by neuro-transmitters such as and serotonin, dopamine and endorphins; we call happiness. Our experience of life is created from our minds, thoughts and consciousness. For instance, when we dream, we create a reality and then experience it. When we are awake, we create a reality using the same parts of our brain, the […]

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. – Harry Houdini

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I loved magic when I was seven years old. The things I saw, the magician David Nixon do, on TV in the late sixties, captured my attention and imagination at an emotional level. Also, the character Bill Bixby played in the 70’s TV show “The Magician” was a real hero to me; A compassionate and wealthy magician, who uses his talents as an illusionist, and escape artist, to help people in trouble (the ‘A Team’ without the guns!). I loved the technical process of a ‘trick’ and the way I could gain adulation from performing it. In my late teens, and early twenties, some of the most fun I had […]