The Three Principles

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Two people decided to take a year out, learn videography and travel around America interviewing people whose lives have been changed by an understanding. Their reason for taking on this altruistic endeavor was that they experienced levels of wellbeing that they had previously not thought possible, and wanted to tell the world. This is a free resource. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Options for Dealing with Rude Behaviour

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If someone behaves in a way that might be described as rude, obnoxious or aggressive, I ask myself “What must they be thinking, in this moment, to behave in this way or to think that this behaviour is their best option?” I have an understanding based on three principles. We create our reality from the life energy of our mind, our ability to create thought and our consciousness of these thoughts - along with the feedback we experience from our bodies due to the associated changes in our body chemistry. Our wellbeing is innate. The only thing that can get in the way of a feeling of wellbeing is giving […]

A quote from Michael Neill that make so much sense…

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“Most people want to have more wonderful experiences of being alive. It is just so much easier than they think. And the kindness of the design is that when you slow down, when you put a higher priority on your state of mind, rather than on your achievement, it doesn’t limit your achievement it actual opens up even more of it..... Slow down and get present!” Michael Neill.

The Appreciation Effect

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I just read a Facebook Comment, by Karen Daniels, in which she discussed the "appreciation effect". She describes how appreciation can turbo-charge the child's self esteem, confidence and performance at school. My first thought was that that appreciation often becomes a two way connection that can really deepen the quality of a relationship. In my experience to get to appreciate a person, I first have to accept them, and I cannot have that acceptance if I am being judgmental. For me judgement sometimes comes with an unpleasant, anxious, feeling. For instance, in the past if I were to hear what I considered to be ‘poor’ grammar it would trigger barely […]

“We’re always and only feeling our thinking.” – Dr Keith Blevens

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Part of your brain, the limbic system, has the ability to create thoughts like hunger, thirst, fear and reproductive urges. These are the results of basic neuro physiological urges that create appropriate changes in the balance of your endocrine system (hormones, neuro-transmitters, endorphins, etc.). We share the ability to create ‘Thought’ with other mammalians, and even reptiles. The difference between ‘higher mammals’ and reptiles, is the ability to be consciously aware of the feelings of these chemical changes: Noticing the increased heart rate, for instance, or feeling the ‘stomach turn over’. I remember the actor Nicholas Lyndhurst, on a nature documentary, talking about the sense of humour displayed by the […]

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”- Albert Einstein

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Recent advances in brain scan technology have shown that we get 80% more information back from our visual cortex than is received by our eyes. That means that 80% of our experience of reality comes from within our own brain. Someone once challenged me about this and I asked him to look around the restaurant we were in and asked him to describe what he saw, he chose to describe a wall. He described its height, colour, texture, the clay the brick from which the bricks were made and how the ‘rustic effect’ was not to his taste. He described HIS reality perfectly.....

A distinction between fear and anxiety

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I have found it useful to make a distinction between fear and anxiety. I consider that an emotion is a conscious awareness of a change in my body chemistry. Our endocrine system (a number of hormone secreting glands) will change the balance of our ‘body chemistry’ according to our thoughts. We have a number of labels for feeling these changes; happiness, fear, love, anger, elation, sadness, joy, anxiety, etc. If there is something that I believe to be a threat to my physical wellbeing my body will produce adrenaline, cortisol, etc. This is sometimes called the ‘freeze, flight or fight system’ and is a perfect response to a physical threat. […]

Conflicting values and your quality of mind.

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The better your quality of mind, the better your experience of life. When I first heard that statement it made sense to me. I make better decisions when I am not stressed so better thing happen to me when I have a ‘clear head’. Last week I noticed how a need we have from childhood can get in the way of happiness. All of us have things we value. For some being punctual is very important; for others politeness or table manners may be of great consequence. However, some things will be more important to us than others. Each of us has a ‘hierarchy of values’. For instance, it is […]

Happiness is just one thought away.

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The great thing about 'Three Principles', or 'Inside-out' understanding of reality, is that there is nothing to learn and there are no techniques. It is the only thing I have ever experienced that can cause someone to transform their experience of life just by hearing about it. You don't have to do anything. The premise is quite simple: 1. You are alive; you have come some kind of life energy. You have a mind. 2. You have the power of thought; to think things. 3. You are conscious of your thoughts and of the chemical changed in your body that these thoughts create (labelled: fear, anxiety, happiness, arousal, etc). That […]

The Three Principles in Business

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These are some very impressive statistics. The greater my understanding of the Three Principles the more I am amazed: 80% reduction in project durations. Strategies formed in one fifth of the time. Statistically significant increases in staff and executives wellbeing. Measurable increase in company’s profits. Source: Reflections the Sol (the Society for Organizational Learning) Journey, 2004, Vol 5, Number 9