You are not who you think you are. You are your ability to create thought.

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You are not who you think you are. You are your ability to create thought. These words point to a truth that will be apparent to anyone who understands the nature of thought. In my experience, a person can believe that they are confident, powerful and productive, one day. While the next day they feel self-conscious, anxious and experience a plummeting self-esteem. I think everyone has had the experience of being ‘up’ one moment and ‘down’ the next, when there has been no real change in his or her external circumstance. Our feelings can change from moment to moment during the day. We can feel happy or sad, frightened or […]

Circumstances do not cause stress, unhappiness or frustration.

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Stressful, unhappy or frustrated thoughts cause stress, unhappiness or frustration. These feelings are labels we give to our conscious awareness of changes in the balance of our body chemistry (our endocrine system). We notice these feelings in our body; our stomach ‘turning over’; ‘butterflies’ in our stomach; tension in our shoulders or neck; or a ‘knot’ in our stomach. Our brain controls our body chemistry without us being consciously aware of making any adjustments – we only notice the change just after it has happened. Our unconscious mind is constantly making changes to our blood sugar, body temperature, hormones and heart rate. We do not do this consciously, it is […]

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. – Harry Houdini

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I loved magic when I was seven years old. The things I saw, the magician David Nixon do, on TV in the late sixties, captured my attention and imagination at an emotional level. Also, the character Bill Bixby played in the 70’s TV show “The Magician” was a real hero to me; A compassionate and wealthy magician, who uses his talents as an illusionist, and escape artist, to help people in trouble (the ‘A Team’ without the guns!). I loved the technical process of a ‘trick’ and the way I could gain adulation from performing it. In my late teens, and early twenties, some of the most fun I had […]