Presenting Confidence: Live Training Day

Access to the ‘Presenting Confidence’ training day: recorded on the 23rd of April 2018.

If you feel you lack confidence, when trying to talk to large groups of people, then I have something for you that I really think you will find of use.

There are many people, like me, who have felt that they are unable to speak in public or market themselves effectively. Whether it be in network meetings, weddings, on video, or on live streams (like Facebook Live). I hated that red faced, dry mouth, butterflies in the stomach feeling that I got when I even contemplated public speaking.

I would try my best to avoid it, but when I did force myself to speak in public, I would be wrapped up in remembering what I had to say, and concentrating on making sure that I didn’t stutter. As you can imagine, I had no connection at all with the people to whom I was speaking – and was ineffectual at building my business.

Soon I realised, if I was going to be successful, I had to work on my confidence and presentation skills.

As I improved, I found that people were coming to me to find out how I had changed from being a meek and nervous to being able to structure a 1 minutes pitch that engaged an entire room.

So, on April 23rd 2018 I recorded over 3 hours of video from a training day that focuses on the areas listed below.

What you will get:
– Access to the ‘Presenting Confidence’ private Facebook page
– Over three hours of live video, from the training day, that you can watch again and again
– Special bonuses (including a Niche Branded Marketing Message development training)
– Goal setting and achievement process
– A presentation template
– The ability to contact me if you have any questions
– Chat with the other members of the group

All this for just £97.

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Areas covered on the training day:
– The neuro-physiology of fear: Why we feel the way we feel
– The freeze, fight and fight: system: Why we have evolved to feel the way we feel, when lots of people are looking at us.
– Authenticity: Why being yourself is the best way to become successful.
– The Memory Matrix: A simple thought behavioural process that we go through hundreds of times a day.
– Elevator pitch: The the ability to engage someone into your business idea in just one minute.
– The difference between demographic and a niche: An important marketing distinction that will serve you well.
– The Business Model Canvas: How to understand any business idea and be a ‘Business Analyst’ for yourself and your colleagues.
– How to give an experience of your product: Removing the uncertainty of buying.
– Credibility from understanding clients problems: You don’t get credibility by talking about yourself, your credibility comes from your clients believing that you understand their problems.
– Problem implications: How to explain the difficulties your clients don’t realise they are facing without frightening them.
– Video structure: allow your potential clients to understand how they can benefit from the value you can give them with a simple procedural template.
– How your client represents their reality in their mind: Understanding how your client thinks, will enable you to help them to make the best decision for himself.
– The three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. An easy to understand principle based psychological approach to communication.
– Perceptual filters: Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation: How to get past the thought processes that your clients habitually use to stay in inaction.
– How to use language to emphasise your message: Helping a potential client to imagine a compelling future can be of benefit to all involved. This will include positive reinforcement and the power of the word ‘Because’.
– Body language: How to use your gestures to communicate the value of your message, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of your potential clients inner thoughts.
– Creating pictures in the mind of your client:
– How to calibrate your client: How to understand the way your client is thinking so yo can increase your communication efficacy.
– Analogue marking: How to emphasize the important aspects of your message.
– Structure of a sales session: How to get over the anxiousness that your potential clients might feel when meeting you for the first time.
– The neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) ‘New Behaviour Generator’: How to develop new empowering behaviours.
– The tactile connection: The importance of unintrusive intimacy.
– Listening – to create a connection: How to listen without concentrating.
– Wake up to reality: The misunderstanding that has stopped you in the past

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