You don’t need to get confidence…

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… because you have it already.

I am interested in the fact that we had no problem with self-belief when we were babies. We had the confidence to be self-expressed whenever we wanted (at the top of our lungs if we thought it was necessary).

The difficulty many people experience is that their own thinking suppresses their inherent well-being.

You can hold a beach ball underwater with a little effort but as soon as you let it go, it will pop straight up to the surface.

Something happens when a person realises the amount of energy they are wasting suppressing their innate creativity with their own insecure thinking. When they realise that it is of their own creation, stress is very difficult to maintain, they have more free time and a better experience of life.

There are two types of success:
1. ‘Inner success’ is experiencing well-being, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and contentment.
2. ‘Outer success’ is having wonderful relationships, the ability to lead, influence and create value.

From blind spot to breakthrough. With a clear mind, a person can create success from outside the limitations of their current understanding.

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